Paddleboarding Safety

Chase went paddleboarding again at the beach today!

This time he wore his new life jacket! With his leg issues and a hatred for swimming, this jacket gives me peace of mind knowing it will help him stay afloat if anything happens.

The jacket is great, it keeps him afloat (I tested it) and the handles on the top are great for lifting him on the board!



After paddleboarding we went for a little walk around the rocks and beach






4 responses to “Paddleboarding Safety

  1. Paddle boarding looks fun. Beckett and Keltic only swim with lifejackets too. They are such poor swimmers, I’d be afraid they would drown.

    • Chase loves it! He gets the wind in his face, a view of all the happenings on the beach and he loves to look down into the water 🙂 Sounds like bad swimming skills might run in shelties then!

  2. He looks like he is having fun. I think anything where they get to be with us, doing what we do is fun for dogs. I’m sure Ludo wouldn’t like the life jacket though. lol!

    • Very true, Chase is just glad not to be left out 🙂 Chase shares Ludo’s thoughts, he is not a fan of the life jacket, but he has no choice in the matter, safety first!

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