Chase’s First Paddleboarding Adventure!

Today Chase tried paddleboarding for the first time. I was really doubtful that he would enjoy it, but much to my surprise he loved it!!

At first, he was hesitant about the idea of a floating board. I had to sit on the board with him for awhile because he was nervous and wanted to be right up against me.


I wanted to stand up paddleboard since the board is new and I had yet to try it out the way it was meant to be done. So I thought, Chase can chill on the rocks with his towel and wait for me. WRONG. He went into the water after me! At another point in the day, he got on the board himself (up until that point I was lifting him onto it).

He really loved the view from the paddleboard and the sea breeze 🙂

So we decided to try me standing up and it worked! He was comfortable enough with the board that he did not feel the need to stay right up against me! He even lied down on the board at one point, he was that comfy! Needless to say, Chase wants to go again!

Here he is on the rocks of the beach (we avoided the sand, too hot and it gets everywhere) looking happy and ready to go back on the board!



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