Poor aggression solutions

I recently came across a blog entry entitled: My Dog Bit My Child.

It details a horrible story about a kid teasing a dog and getting bit because of it. The horrible parents put the dog down because of it.

I find stories like this infuriating!

My first thought when reading it was: why not re-home the dog to a home without small misbehaving children? Clearly they are bad parents and bad dog owners to think killing a healthy dog is the solution, instead of recognizing a negative behavior in their child and correcting it.

This dog is not a dog that bit before, one bite and that’s it? A dog that is likely fine with respectful humans loses it’s life.

I am at a loss for words at this. I am glad the blog writer did not name names, wise move.

Aggression is complicated, if you can not or will not take the time to solve it, find an owner that can/will. An SPCA would be better off handling the dog as they will simply state no children in the adoption posting (and I have seen many).

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