Chase the sheltie’s quirks

Chase loves to suck and chew on blankets until he creates holes

Chase hates crows with a passion

Chase uses his paw to slap/swat other animals (he learned it from one of our cats, RIP Salem)

Chase loves human food! His favorites are white meats, cheese and ice cream/frozen yogurt.

Chase loves all dog treats!

Chase enjoys having snow thrown at him by hand or shovel.

Chase has a bad habit of barking at any human and animal he sees while on a walk.

Chase physically can not jump on/up anything (including furniture).

Chase has aggression problems (possession mainly, but we have been working on this and getting great results!).

Chase destroys almost all soft toys.

Chase favorite toy is a plastic Frisbee.

Chase is convinced he is a toy-sized dog and insists on treats made for tiny dogs.

Chase follows me everywhere both inside and outside.

Chase loves to be sprayed by a hose in the summer.

Chase enjoys laying in the snow in the winter.

Chase loves to walk through water, but does not enjoy swimming in it.


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