You’ve probably been wondering where Chase has been lately? Well A LOT has been happening lately, so much so that we have forgotten about blogging!


To start off, I had been working full time and going to school last year which was hard! I finished school and not long after I got a full time job 🙂 Not even 6 months later I officially bought our first home in June!!!

2016 has been a whirlwind!

Not to mention Chase has a new sibling… Meet Kate:


Not long before I had an accepted offer on a house, Kate showed up at my parent’s house as a stray. We searched and posted her skinny little face everywhere, but sadly no one claimed her. My parent’s cat does not like other cats so it was either Chase learns to live with Kate or Kate would go to the shelter. I couldn’t let her go to an unknown future so I kept her and now she is a healthy and happy girl 🙂

How’s Chase adjusting to a new house, in a new city and being without constant attention from grandma, grandpa and their animal posse 24/7?


He’s done surprisingly well for a dog that was never left alone for more than 2 hours! He gets checked on at lunch, but other than that he handles my 9-5 job wonderfully and he LOVES the fence I had specially built with him in mind 🙂 Not to mention I redid the deck stairs into two levels with shorter steps so he could actually get up and down them. He may be in a new environment, but he is still spoiled rotten! P.S. He also does not mind Kate, they may not be BFF’s, but they live in harmony by respecting each other’s space 😉


As soon as Kate entered the sunroom, Chase got up and left hahaha they are funny like that, but whatever works 🙂 It’s safe to say Kate’s favorite room in the house is the sunroom, so many windows, so little time to look out them all!


Chase and I will try to remember to do some periodic updates 🙂


Happy 4th Birthday Chase!!

Today is Chase’s 4th birthday, hard to believe!!!


Chase knows what he wants, going right for the icing! 🙂

We also got a little snow today, so that’s an extra special gift for Chase. He got pre-birthday treats on Tuesday and little does he know, I have another special treat for him later! Treats are the way to go for Chase, he’s set in his ways toy wise, does not need anymore.

Bipolar Winter

We’ve been MIA for a long time!

Everything is good and we’ve been having a very strange “winter”. The best way to describe it is a bipolar winter! One day it snows, the next day it’s 12C, the next day it snows again…

Here’s some pictures from the times we do have snow, although it always seems to melt within a week!

New year, same antics

With Chase 2016 is the same!



Even the papillons are enjoying short bursts of snow time in 2016

And Sabrina hibernates like she always does in winter 🙂


Merry Christmas Everyone!


Another snowfall!!

It was the fluffy stuff this time around, the best kind!!!

It left a beautiful coating of snow on all the tree too.

Chase is such a gorgeous picture taker!!

Got to love the last picture, it looks like Chase is smiling 🙂

We hope everyone is enjoying December!

Pre-Christmas Bath

We’ve had some warm days lately, warm enough to wash my car last week!

Chase joined me in the driveway of course, he loves the hose any time of year!

Only problem, I now had a wet dog… the smell of wet dog? I think not.

Christmas is so close and I need a nice smelling dog!

So, it was time for a pre-Christmas bath!


Washing the car and getting a bath? That is some exhausting work!


Extra surprise

I found an extra special toy at Pet Smart!

All 3 dogs were pleased with my choice

The toy is so long I could barely get it in one frame while playing tug of war with Chase!

Snowfall #2 :)

Yep, we got another snow, this time it was enough to be called a snowstorm!

It started with freezing rain, then 15 cm of snow, then more freezing rain. Made for quite a mess this morning!

As per usual, Chase was excited!!!


Such a cute little goof he is 🙂

Chase and I hope everyone is having a great December thus far!

First snow: Winter 2015

It snowed last night!!

Most people are upset it snowed and/or worried due to lack of snow tires… but it’ll likely melt by the end of today anyway

Regardless, Chase and I are excited!!!!